What is (y)our caretaker like?

Think of it as your digital financial buddy that is putting your personal (financial) goals and agenda into its center of objectives and actions, working continuously to achieve them. Our offering goes way beyond the ordinary Roboadvisors from banks or fintechs. The caretaker is considering and managing your financial wellbeing to include banking products & services (investments, mortgage, loan, crowd-funding, deposits, payments, ..), life stage and events (student, young professional, first time house buyer, family building, retiree, ...), but also personal risk levels and behaviours. Our mission is to create a level playing field for everyone and thereby the best possible outcome for each persons' financial situation - regardless of age, income bracket, education level, or nationality.

Natural communication

Communicating with your caretaker will feel like communicating with a financial advisor, but then more fun. No matter if you prefer to use interactive chat, or natural voice conversation or click through app functionality... (y)our caretaker will interact with you the way you like it or the situation demands it. And maybe soon we'll add augmented reality and light field projection.

Peronsalized choices

Today’s financial world is overly complex which makes it difficult to make the best choice for you. Also, nothing is for free – banks will sell you only their products and financial advisors are expensive. Your caretaker will ONLY SERVE YOU, continuously evaluating products and options, matching your objectives and enabled to make the best choice for you and your financial wellbeing.

Financial goals

Everyone has goals, but most of them are short-term goals. These, however, might influence future (currently less urgent) goals, like your pension. This behavior will hurt you in the future, so (financial) wellbeing requires to balance short and long-term goals. Your caretaker will help you to create a healthy balance helping you to understand long term impacts of short term decisions and keeping you on track to achieve all your goals.

Secure blackbox

Our caretaker is your caretaker. When subscribing to our caretaker service we will be creating an individual version of it which is working just for you - with your data only. Think of it like a dedicated server that you order with a hosting company. The caretaker operates as a blackbox and keeps your data, objectives and strategies secret. Also you finally have a view of all assets and contracts in one place - in case something happens to you, your family is not left in the dark.

Global reach

Financial opportunities are global and financial wellness must provide means to participate wherever they emerge. The caretaker will make use of existing APIs (from banks, trading venues, payment systems, loyalty schemes, insurance agencies, pension firms, ...) to add access to these opportunities and markets for to execute your financial wellbeing strategy.

Always on

The caretaker doesn't work 9 to 5 like many banks do. In fact it is even working while you sleep and only bother if your attention and focus is required. The caretaker does the work for you every second, of every day, during the weekends and holidays; checking your spending behavior, evaluating products against your needs, tracking your goals, looking for the better deal(s) and action them - in mind with your preferences and financial wellbeing.

Life events

Life (at best) is a series of unplanned events. The caretaker will provide context oriented advice and strategy support you throughout various life events and project implications on your financial wellbeing. No matter if your buying your dream car, planing your marriage, becoming parents, first time home buyers, education fund, succession planing, and so on. The caretaker understands context and has built in core skills to help with taking the right decision.

Growing skillset

The caretaker doesn't stop at your financial wellbeing. We have planned to build bridges to adjacent areas and required skill sets like managing your travel - ranging from business trips, family vacations and pleasure events, concert happenings and so on. Need to get tips for your weekend itinerary or manage birthday presents for family and friends? No worries - the caretaker will give you a hand or two.

Community learning

Caretakers learn from each other by exchanging experiences and learnings amongst other caretakers - building a community intelligence. It's like machines having book club and sharing their learnings for other caretakers to consider in their individual customer wellbeing strategies - community power creating a hive intelligence spotting opportunities, risk understanding, hedging approaches and how additional skills can amplify individual caretakers' success.

Servicing everyone,
not just an elite.

Financial markets have become increasingly complex. As a result, for the majority of people it’s difficult to organise their finances, and to manage their financial wellbeing. Governments, the education system, and banks don’t ease the problem of financial literacy. And how even could they? Truly understanding details of financial products is very difficult, and your spending habits of today impact your future. So how and how much you should invest to achieve a comfortable pension, to support your kids in their future plans, to take that dream vacation or follow a passionate hobby. Today only a happy few can afford services today offered by independent financial professionals to obtain such advice – mostly one-off. Our caretaker aims to create a service affordable and available for the masses to help you balance your short and long-term goals – enabled by technology, maximising everyone’s financial wellbeing. Addressing the entire domain of finances from current account, savings account, deposit account, house mortgage, pension investment and insurance policies as well as anticipating individual changes in life and events that occur.

Putting technology to work for the greater good.

We witness information technology progressing at high speeds follow predictable, exponential trajectories. The cloud enables access to unlimited and flexible to use technology resources and open source driving democratisation of technology thus accelerate talent and innovation to ideate. Recent, but predictable progress in artificial intelligence (AI) with its domains machine learning, natural language processing/generation/understanding and deep learning neural networks have moved into mainstream and created AI-powered services like Tensorflow, CNTK, PyTorch, Google Wave and Google Duplex, and many others to come. In order to increase competition and better services recent regulations have forced the banking system to open up and offer APIs to external parties (i.e. PSD2 in the European Union, Open Banking in the UK, etc.) which created an exciting new field and era of innovation forced onto the banking industry and many new start-ups emerged bringing new ideas to life. CNTK, 

Connecting the dots making life easier.

We don’t aim to reinvent the wheel, we are just passionate about a service we would like to use ourselves building on technological advancements and APIs (machine to machine, machine to human) that make it possible to build it. The Open API movement is unstoppable and more banks will provide means to use their service through APIs, even beyond regulatory demands. Companies like THE GLUE enable banks to make use of such APIs to create new ecosystems of collaboration and “coopetition” whilst preserving investments into past technology decisions and enabling legacy tech to become digitally relevant. Become part of (y)our revolution to bring the power to the people: creating an optimal, selfless and rational caretaker service to achieve your financial goals and build your financial wellbeing.

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